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How to break an apple apart with your bare hands




I started hyperventilating and laughing at the same time the second that I pressed play because dear god how exciting I’m so excited oh my god

Holy shit is this a real thing.

Someone get me some apples!

my jaw is on the floor. I GOTTA TRY ME THIS

Shit I need to find an apple OvO

I’ve seen my mom do this before. So cool.

Things I have learned about fruit this year:

  • How to properly peel a banana
  • How to break an apple with your bare hands

I’m living up to my url. I am so proud.

I’m impressed by how non-audistic this video is.

I tried and failed miserably with a gala so…

OR just use a frakkin’ knife.

LOL Becca now you need to buy apples so you and RA can try!!! XDD

well now i need to go try this

Wish I had some apples :l

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